Amy’s Place



‘Amy’s Place’ is a recovery house specifically for young women aged 18-30, who are overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. After leaving treatment, it’s a place where they can live and spend time  learn the life skills they’ll need to re-adapt into everyday society, and maintain their recovery.

This is one of the only projects in the country to bridge the gap between women leaving addiction treatment services and finding independent accommodation. It addresses the specialist needs of female addicts, which are often more complex than their male counterparts. Women in recovery are often overcoming abusive histories and need a safe place to recover before embarking on a new life. Research shows that women have a far greater chance of relapse without this kind of support.

Having Amy’s Place makes a profound difference. It is so important to have a safe environment in which women can re-build their lives and put into practice all the learning they’ve acquired through treatment. Fresh starts are difficult to make; full of challenges, but at Amy’s Place we give young women the tools and support to help them make this a reality.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation works with Centra Care and Support to provide Amy’s Place. Situated in East London, the house provides temporary homes for up to 16 young women at a time. Each lives in a self-contained apartment and is supported using what is known as a co-production model, which gives them shared control over the services that aid their recovery.