Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball 2014

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Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball 2014

“I have woken up feeling inspired” Alexandra Burke

“Loved the stunning performances from Amy’s Yard” Graham Norton

“An amazing evening for a truly inspirational foundation” Paul Sculfor

These are just some of the many comments guests have made after attending the Amy Winehouse Foundation’s 3rd annual ball that took place last week at The Landmark Hotel, and I 100% agree with them! There was a great turn out with over 400 supporters who gathered to pay tribute to Amy’s astonishing life and to celebrate the fantastic work that the Foundation has achieved.


Mitch and Janis Winehouse opened the evening by thanking everyone who has supported and continues to support the Foundation, the night was hosted by BBC London’s Vanessa Feltz who did a fantastic job and spoke very passionately about Amy and the work beingdone in her memory.
Amy Winhouse Foundation Dinner 2014 By Harry Pseftoudis -18.11.2014
Amy Winhouse Foundation Dinner 2014 By Harry Pseftoudis -18.11.2014

The atmosphere throughout the evening was delightful with a lovely dinner and wonderful performances from talented musicians such as Jermaine Jackman and Mitch Winehouse himself! There were also performances from Amy’s Yard, which I am a part of; we were given the amazing opportunity to share the music we have created down to the help of the Foundation.
Amy Winhouse Foundation Dinner 2014 By Harry Pseftoudis -18.11.2014

Despite us all being incredibly nervous, we managed to successfully perform in front of hundreds of people. The biggest highlight for me was to receive such encouraging feedback which felt very special. It is certainly an achievement we can be extremely proud of and I’m still buzzing from the excitement of the experience!


Amy Winhouse Foundation Dinner 2014 By Harry Pseftoudis -18.11.2014


George from the Resilience Programme gave an engaging speech on the night and spoke about how the Foundation has helped him to share his personal experience in schools to help raise awareness of the effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

Amy Winhouse Foundation Dinner 2014 By Harry Pseftoudis -18.11.2014

During the night there was a silent auction as well as a live auction hosted by one of the Foundations Patron’s Jon Snow where people were given the opportunity to bid for lots including a steel portrait of Amy and an Eastenders tour which was personally auctioned off by Barbra Windsor another patron of AWF. This gave a chance for guests to donate money in order to help keep the Foundation going and to help the charity grow.
Amy Winhouse Foundation Dinner 2014 By Harry Pseftoudis -18.11.2014

The Hard work and effort the Amy Winehouse Foundation has put into organising the ball has certainly paid off!

Amy Winhouse Foundation Dinner 2014 By Harry Pseftoudis -18.11.2014

It was such a pleasure to be a part of the evening, I just hope the work will continue and other young people out there will be able to say the same thing next year.


Thank you to all of you who have donated because the Foundation has undoubtedly changed things for myself, and many others and there are so many more young people who could benefit.


I had an incredible evening and I definitely won’t be forgetting this exciting event.


Shakira Alleyne








It’s Time To Talk About Eating Disorders


Last week marked ‘Eating Disorders Week’, a national campaign to raise awareness and understanding of this serious mental illness, challenge the stereotypes and stigmas that people with eating disorders face and campaign for better services and treatments.

One charity that is committed to helping people with eating disorders is Beat, whose vision is that all eating disorders will be beaten. They aim to change the way people think and talk about eating disorders, improve the way services and treatment are provided, and to help anyone suffering with an eating disorder to believe their eating disorder can be beaten (

Eating Disorders are a cause the Amy Winehouse Foundation feels very passionate about. Although there was always a great deal of media attention given to Amy’s battle with drugs and alcohol, there was much less focus on her ongoing struggle with Bulimia, something she suffered with from a much earlier age than her addictions. People who have Bulimia try to control their weight by severely restricting the amount of food they eat, then binge eating and purging the food from their body by making themselves sick or by using laxatives (

Between the release of Frank and Back to Black there were periods when the media would refer to Amy as ‘curvy’ and ‘chubby’, and although no one can place a specific time on when her Bulimia started, members of the family noticed significant change with her eating patterns, behaviour and her weight during this time.

The constant pressure placed on celebrities, and in turn young people, to uphold a specific image can become all too much to bare. Life in the limelight can often lead to people feeling they have no control over their own lives, which can lead to unhealthy behaviours in order to gain some control.

Research has shown that there is often a connection between addictions and eating disorders, particularly in young women. The road to many addictions can begin with low self-esteem, a lack of confidence and a lack of accurate and responsible information.

This is why it is important for us as a society to celebrate people of all shapes and sizes, and to do our best to ensure that young people start life with a positive body image and a healthy mental attitude to themselves and their bodies.

If you have been affected by an eating disorder, or know someone who has, please visit or contact:
Helpline – 0845 634 1414
Youthline – 0845 634 6750
email –
text – 07786 20 18 20

NHS DIrect – 0845 4647

Thanks for reading x