Amy’s Yard Music Programme – Developing Tomorrow’s Musicians

One of the Amy Winehouse Foundations’ main areas of focus is to support and develop music provision for young people, and since the Foundation began we have met countless young people with immense talent who were simply held back by not being able to access studio time due to the costs and lack of provision. The Foundation therefore decided to develop Amy’s very own studio and share it with some of the young people and groups we were working with.


The ‘Amy’s Yard’ Programme is based in a very special space, as it was where Amy worked and recorded herself and contains some very special pieces of equipment. Amy’s friends would also use the space, so it wasn’t unusual for the likes of Tyler, Dionne and Zalon to rehearse and record there too. Needless to say it is a massive privilege for anyone lucky enough to take part in the project.


Amy’s Yard provides talented young people with the opportunity to utilise a professional studio and work with a professional producer/engineer to nurture their talent, while increasing their confidence, skills and self-esteem. Every young person engaged in our studio has been referred by one of our partner organisations including The Roundhouse, New Horizon and Pilion Trust, who all work with vulnerable young people facing a variety of complex needs such as homelessness, mental health issues, unemployment or a history of offending.


At any one time there are approximately 8 young people using the space, for 2 hours each week over an 8-15 week period, while they work towards creating their own music and developing their talent, confidence and ability.


Some of the young people taking part in the programme performed at this year’s Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala Ball at the Dorchester, where they wowed the crowd. Followed swiftly by performances at The Hampstead Christmas Festival where the Foundation hosted a stage showcasing talent from ‘Amy’s Yard’ where they once again did a great job entertaining the masses.


You can catch a news story about the project and Dorchester event here:

There are lots of exciting plans for the project in the New Year, which will include the release of a compilation EP and some showcase events.

*The Amy’s Yard Programme is run in association with Metropolis Music Management and Sensible Studios.

About the Amy Winehouse Foundation

In Amy’s memory, we work to inspire children and young people to build their self-esteem and resilience, so that they can flourish.

Our work is inspired by Amy’s spirit, her love of children and the challenges that she faced in her own life.

Today, the Amy Winehouse Foundation helps thousands of young people to feel supported and informed so that they are better able to manage their emotional wellbeing and make informed choices around things that can affect their lives.

We’re able to do this because of the support we receive from people like you. Anyone who believes in young people can become a part of our work and Amy’s legacy. By supporting our work, you will help them to transform their lives, flourish and be heard.

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