Amy’s Yard



A central area of focus for the Amy Winehouse Foundation is ‘to support the personal development of disadvantaged young people through music’. One of the ways we do this, is by sharing Amy’s very own studio in London with a new generation of aspiring musicians and performers. Amy’s Yard is a 12-week programme designed to provide vulnerable young artists aged 18-25, with the confidence and skills to become self-sustaining music artists, while developing their transferable life skills, preparing them to seek and attain employment, education and training opportunities

Throughout the holistic programme, participants work one-to-one with a professional producer to nurture their talent, and learn every step of making a recording, including; making the beats, recording vocals and mixing their track. They also attend a series of Master Classes delivered by current industry professionals from companies such as Island Records, Metropolis Music and MTV.

This process proves itself to be transformational. The young people who come to Amy’s Yard are made to feel valued, important and responsible. The skills they attain and the  professionals they meet have a profound effect on their confidence and wellbeing. What’s more, the Amy Winehouse Foundation is registered with AQA to deliver the Unit Award Scheme (UAS). All students on the programme who successfully achieve UAS units in Music Business, Artist Development and Transferable Skills will receive corresponding UAS certificates from AQA.

Each participant is referred to us by partner organisations, including The Roundhouse, St Mungo’s, The Prince’s Trust and Raw Sounds who all work with vulnerable young people facing a variety of complex needs such as homelessness, mental health issues, unemployment, substance misuse or a history of offending.

  • 87% experienced an increase in Self Efficacy – meaning they can now accomplish goals, problem solve and manage the unexpected.
  • 60% experienced an increase in Mental Well-Being – meaning they were generally more optimistic, relaxed and feeling connected to others.
  • 73% experienced an increase in Resilience – meaning they can better ‘bounce back’, cope with stress and deal with challenges.

“The ongoing support regarding my personal life helped me to get a clear head and believe in myself. Having a better life structure and somewhere to go where I could develop friendships was like a safe haven”

79% of respondents felt Amy’s Yard had helped them move forward positively in their day to day life.

“I came in focusing on taking the transferable skills and using them to become a mainstream artist, but now I share my skills to help others achieve their goals!”