Make the Amy Winehouse Foundation Your Favourite eBay Charity

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has launched a brief appeal to get fans of Amy to make us their favourite charity on eBay.

The way to do this for eBay users is simple – simply click this link and eBay, alongside charity partners MissionFish, will do the rest:

This way, you – and everyone who looks at the things you are selling – will see the Foundation as your chosen charity each time they buy and sell.

And don’t forget that you can donate to us via eBay as well.



About the Amy Winehouse Foundation

In Amy’s memory, we work to inspire children and young people to build their self-esteem and resilience, so that they can flourish.

Our work is inspired by Amy’s spirit, her love of children and the challenges that she faced in her own life.

Today, the Amy Winehouse Foundation helps thousands of young people to feel supported and informed so that they are better able to manage their emotional wellbeing and make informed choices around things that can affect their lives.

We’re able to do this because of the support we receive from people like you. Anyone who believes in young people can become a part of our work and Amy’s legacy. By supporting our work, you will help them to transform their lives, flourish and be heard.

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