Amy Winehouse Foundation Recovery Pathways Programme for Young People

Addressing a drug or alcohol problem is never easy, and when you’re young it can be especially daunting. That’s why The Amy Winehouse Foundation Recovery Pathways Programme exists. 

Not every young person who is struggling with drug or alcohol dependency needs residential treatment, but for those that do, intensive and specialist support, in a safe and caring place, can be a life-changing experience. 

Designed for under 30’s in the UK and provided in partnership with the treatment charity Phoenix Futures, the programme provides bespoke support, prior to treatment, so that young people can feel prepared. It offers this along with an effective residential rehab programme, and in many cases, a safe place to move on to, once the residential treatment has been completed.

This unique end-to-end pathway of care, which provides support at each stage of a young person’s treatment journey, is aligned to best practice for rehab care.

Why this programme is important

Sadly, young people face multiple barriers to accessing support for drug or alcohol problems.

Overall, state funding for residential rehabilitation has been reduced by more than 30% since 2015, something that has particularly affected young people, who rarely have the resources to access private treatment. What’s more, the harms of substance misuse on a young person are often less visible than those experienced by an older age group, while being no less damaging. And on top of all of this, young people often lack the confidence and support to aid them through the state-funded system.

Our programme helps to address these issues. We evaluate each young person’s situation and level of need, before providing expertly tailored advice, care and support. Depending on the individual, this could involve signposting and referrals to other social care services, through to providing funded 12-week residential placements, as well as move-on housing and recovery support.

We are currently able to provide these treatment places for a limited number of young people each year, located in residential rehabilitation services which are run by Phoenix Futures.

How it works

Since 2017, the programme has been providing young people under the age of 30 with exceptional levels of care and support.

80% of young people in the programme successfully complete treatment (significantly higher than the national average of 57%). They also report significant improvements in their mental wellbeing; their ability to manage money, their tenancies and accommodation; and in their personal relationships.

Help us to do more

We’d love to provide more residential placements, so more young people are able to benefit from this type of specialist, rehabilitative support. You could help us to do this, by making a donation to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Your donation will make a difference for young people and their families – supporting them to achieve their potential in life.