Amy’s Place – Recovery housing for young women

Amy’s Place – Recovery housing for young women

“It gives me a safe environment where I can grow. I no longer feel alone”. 

Leaving drug and alcohol treatment is rarely easy, but it can be especially difficult for young women. Many will be overcoming histories of abuse and trauma, and their support needs are often more complex than those of a man in the same situation. In fact, research shows women have a far greater chance of relapsing into drug and alcohol use if they don’t have the right kind of support, which understands their situation.

Amy’s Place is our award-winning way of helping. It’s one of only a few projects in the country to bridge the gap between women leaving addiction treatment services and finding independent accommodation.

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Why Amy’s Place works

Amy’s Place is a safe place for young women to live after they leave treatment. It provides homes for up to 16 young women at a time, Each lives in a self-contained apartment and is supported using a ‘co-production’ model, which means we work closely with residents to understand what support they need and tailor our approaches accordingly.

As a result, the young women learn the skills they’ll need to re-adapt into everyday life and maintain their recovery.

What our residents say

‘The kindness I was shown I hadn’t experienced before so it was very overwhelming. I have stayed clean ever since and am nearly three years clean now.’ – ‘Beth’

What our residents say

“Today, I am in full-time employment. I live sustainably, free from benefits and have done so for the last
18 months. I am committed to my wellbeing. My bonds with friends and family are stronger than ever.

None of this would have been achieved without the compassion, patience, and unwavering support

I received from Amy’s Place.” – ‘Claudia’

What our residents say


“I’m now over four years drink and drug free and miraculously have my children back living with me full time!

I hope Amy’s Place can continue to help others as much as it helped me” – ‘Angela’

What our residents say

I’m no longer hurting myself, my family or my kids. I have strong and healthy relationships. I look after myself.

I eat well and I go to bed with a clear conscience. And because of Amy’s Place I am strong” – ‘Steph’

Jacqueline’s story – a current resident at Amy’s Place

“If you feel unsafe or alone you can’t rebuild your life. That’s why Amy’s Place is so important.”

Jacqueline has been a resident at Amy’s Place since September 2020. Read her story.

Amy’s Place: winner of ‘Best Addiction Charity’ award from the Centre for Social Justice

“We are extremely grateful to our fantastic partners at Clarion Housing and to all our staff, volunteers and residents for their dedication and input into creating a place where young women can have fresh starts, flourish and fulfil their true potential. Too often, young people who are struggling are stigmatised and written off by society, but together we can change that.”

Jane Winehouse, Managing Trustee

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