Giving Our Backing To Child Abuse Awareness Month.

What do you think of as child abuse?

Whilst many might associate child abuse with physical assault, this isn’t always the case. Quite often children can also be the victims of emotional abuse. Child abuse refers to the maltreatment of children on both a physical and emotional level.

Either way, the consequences of a difficult childhood can stay with you for the rest of your life. Often those who have been the victims of such crime (whether reported or unreported) struggle to articulate their emotions and relate to other people causing significant problems in later life. With their confidence in tatters, according to the NSPCC they are much more likely to become abuse victims again in the future or to suffer from alcohol or drug addiction.

Of course, while there are many ways to support those who have been the victims of such abuse, we at the Amy Winehouse Foundation fully support Child Abuse Awareness Month.  Since the launch of the foundation, we have worked with and supported many young people who have been the victims of domestic abuse.

Yet still it is not enough. Imagine these young people are your sister, brother, your best friend or even your child? Wouldn’t you want someone to help? We should not rest until every child in the UK is safe and well cared for.

So this month, why don’t you do something to make a difference… you never know you might just save a life.

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