Helping To Support Young People Through Mentoring

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is proud to support a charity that is helping vulnerable young people through mentoring.

‘Friendship Works’ provides this help across the London boroughs of Camden, Islington and Southwark, pairing adult mentors with children and young people aged between five and sixteen. Many of these young people face problems such as social isolation, learning or behavioural difficulties, bullying or other challenges at school, or are young carers for parents with health problems.

The Foundation was hugely impressed with what Friendship Works has achieved so far, and at how the charity is giving young people the chance to develop important life skills while at the same time, allowing them to enjoy activities that other children and young people take for granted, such as a simple trip to the cinema or visit to the park. It is for these reasons that the Foundation has provided decided to support them with a £20,000 grant.

Jane Winehouse, who is a trustee of the foundation set up in her stepdaughter’s name, says: ‘On our visits to Friendship Works’ services in London, we saw first hand how positive an impact a mentor can have. They can be there for a young child, offering friendship, a connection to the adult world; but they can also help that child open up about things, and feel confident about making decisions that affect their life.

‘By helping to fund Friendship Works, we are helping children and young people explore their potential, build their confidence and help them realise their hopes and aspirations for a brighter future’.

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