Amy’s Legacy To Help Thousands Of People Affected By Eating Disorders

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is helping thousands of young people with eating disorders to find the help and support they need.

Amy battled with similar issues during her life and her family felt strongly that this was an area they would like to support. That’s why the Foundation has provided funding so that the eating disorder charity B-eat can reach more families and young people online.

The funding will allow B-eat to develop a new website, so that both sufferers and their families can use message boards, take part in live ‘chats’, access online support groups and search for services in their local area.


B-eat’s Chief Executive, Susan Ringwood said: ‘We are delighted to have this vital support from The Amy Winehouse Foundation. This will enable us to reach many more of the 1.6 million people affected by these serious mental illnesses in the UK.  Our website is a key part of what we do and it’s vital that we make the information and support we have easily accessible to everyone.’

Amy’s brother Alex Winehouse said: ‘It is vital, in the world we live in today, that everything is done to highlight the danger eating disorders can wreak upon the human body. Too often, the easiest option – to turn away and act like nothing is happening – is taken, and it is time this stops. We hope that, by working alongside Beat, discussions about bulimia and anorexia can now take place, and that people’s fears of this subject are allayed.’

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