Amy’s Yard Poem

Shakira, who completed our Amy’s Yard music project has written a poem about her experiences of completing the project.

Stuck in a silent state of mind
Afraid of failure if I speak
Filled with precious thoughts inside
Longing to share them with the people I meet.

‘Our day will come’

Nervous. Anxious. Feeling faint.
I begin a new journey along a positive path
Bursts of excitement, I wish to paint
A completed image of my broken halves

‘Our day will come’

I smile much more and laugh a lot too
It seems these strangers aren’t so frightening
An inspiring experience, I’m glad I pursued
Incredible beyond the surface, much like lightening

‘Our day will come’

Today I wake with a purpose
Tomorrow I will look forward too
Next year is a mystery
That I thankfully can’t wait to see

My day has come.

amysyard photo

About the Amy Winehouse Foundation

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Our work is inspired by Amy’s spirit, her love of children and the challenges that she faced in her own life.

Today, the Amy Winehouse Foundation helps thousands of young people to feel supported and informed so that they are better able to manage their emotional wellbeing and make informed choices around things that can affect their lives.

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