Amy’s Yard Poem

Shakira, who completed our Amy’s Yard music project has written a poem about her experiences of completing the project.

Stuck in a silent state of mind
Afraid of failure if I speak
Filled with precious thoughts inside
Longing to share them with the people I meet.

‘Our day will come’

Nervous. Anxious. Feeling faint.
I begin a new journey along a positive path
Bursts of excitement, I wish to paint
A completed image of my broken halves

‘Our day will come’

I smile much more and laugh a lot too
It seems these strangers aren’t so frightening
An inspiring experience, I’m glad I pursued
Incredible beyond the surface, much like lightening

‘Our day will come’

Today I wake with a purpose
Tomorrow I will look forward too
Next year is a mystery
That I thankfully can’t wait to see

My day has come.

amysyard photo

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