Information for teachers


Information for teachers

Our approach is to put real life experiences at the very heart of drug and alcohol education.

Working alongside teachers

We engage students in discussing their real thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We help  them find ways to address issues such as low self-esteem, poor body image, peer pressure and bullying without resorting to negative behaviours such as using drugs or alcohol to change the way they feel.

A holistic approach

Drug and alcohol education needs to go beyond the pupil. We believe that everyone in a young person’s life needs to be properly informed about drugs, alcohol and their related issues in order to create an honest and open environment in which informed choices can be made.

We can offer informative sessions to help teachers and practitioners better identify pupils who may be living with parents, carers or siblings that are misusing substances.

Training for teachers 

We provide brief intervention training for teachers, closely aligned to Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education.

The training explores teachers’ existing knowledge about alcohol and drugs, and provides practical information to identify and support young people who may be at risk of substance misuse.

Topics covered include hidden harm, signs and symptoms, safeguarding, barriers to engagement, signposting and multi-agency working.


What young people say about our work

“The whole prospect of admitting to what goes on seemed scary at first, but the workers made me feel so comfortable talking about the issues. The group sessions helped me see that other people in school were going through similar problems, which made me feel less ashamed about it. The sessions were a perfect release of a build-up of emotions that I normally struggle to show.” Student, Albany School, London